GAT growth 3.0

20. November 2018

Steady growth of our worldwide customer base results in higher production numbers and requires more room capacity.

After we put the second production hall and warehouse into operation in summer 2018, the construction work for the next hall has already started. With an area of around 800 sqm, the third production and storage hall will be even larger than the second and will have space for over 150 pallets and a delivery ramp additionally. So we have the possibility to load and unload three trucks at the same time. Stable foundations for a solid business. Up to 12 meters deep, the bored piles for the basement of the new production and storage hall are currently being driven into the ground. After completion of the third hall, it will be possible to serve our customers' orders even faster and more flexibly.

In March 2019, the new production and storage hall will go into operation.