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"GAT sign contract with China"

12. jul. 2017

After the visit and business talks with the Yiwu Ministry (Zhejiang province in China) in spring this year, a joint venture agreement has now been signed. For the solemn signing ceremony in our GAT facilities, we were able to welcome not only Chinese government members, but also representatives of the District Administration, District Office and LEG of Thuringia. The press has summarized this day as following:

Our R&D Team at conference

29. jun. 2017

Integer’s flagship conference, the Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Europe, returns for the 13th time in 2017.

More than 300 senior executives from across European and international emissions control organizations met in Dresden to discuss the most challenging issues facing the industry.

GAT. ISO-certified

15. jun. 2017

"Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product!"  Quote Dr. Guenther Schreiber

GAT on TV!

02. may. 2017

On Thursday, 26th April, we had the possibility to welcome a TV- team of the German TV channel "MDR" and invited them to a tour through our facilities.

NEW: Fresh`n Air Machine PRO!

03. ene. 2017

NEW: The GAT Fresh`n Air Machine PRO is our professional solution for an effective and easy cleaning of the air conditioning system in all vehicles.

TÜV-certification "Made in Germany"

03. nov. 2016

GAT mbH & CO.KG is and will continue to be affiliated to Germany and guaranteeing a high level of safety, quality and continuity to its customers with their product brands. Exactly this is now certified with "Made in Germany" and was controlled in a complex test procedure by the german TÜV (Government Controlled Standards Institutest).

Test Report "GAT Petrol System Cleaner Plus"

03. nov. 2016

To demonstrate the influence of the GAT "Petrol system cleaner PLUS" on the emission values of an combustion engine, we carried out a test on a performance test stand at different loaded levels in the laboratory of the University of the German Army in Munich.

Präsentation Material Nano Car Glass Sealant

25. oct. 2016

Available now for an unbeatable presentation of our Nano Car Glass Sealant!

22. sep. 2016

New guests from Africa, who are very interested in distributing our high performance GAT products and in developing new products just visited us and were welcomed by the business department of the district Saalfeld-Rudolstadt.

GAT at Auto Centrum in Accra

02. ago. 2016

Auto Centrum 2016 in Accra is an Auto Expo which concentrates on the maintenance and total care of vehicle after it`s been purchased. Read more...

30. ago. 2016

23. may. 2016

Con éxito en Dubai - Día 3

11. may. 2016

Visita del Presidente de Ghanim Trading (nuestro socio en UAE), el Sr. Ali Ghanim Al Falasi.

Con éxito en Dubai – Día 2

11. may. 2016

Un segundo día exitoso de la feria en Dubai – aquí las imágenes:

Con éxito en Dubai

10. may. 2016

En la feria "Automechanika" en Dubai no debe faltar GAT. Las impresiones de los días de la feria se pueden encontrar aquí:

GAT basic training

26. abr. 2016

The first part of our GAT basic training on 25th April 2016 with our international guests:

We've moved!

15. mar. 2016

We've moved! Here you can find us now...

GAT goes Ghana

25. feb. 2016

Today was the second time we could welcome our guests from Ghana (West Africa). The long journey has been rewarded with a fully successful product demonstration...

mehr lesen...




GAT Catalogue 2016

11. feb. 2016

Today the new GAT Catalogue has arrived. The Version 01-2016 has a larger DIN A4 format. Inside there are the proven GAT products including the newcomer...





New chinese partner

25. ene. 2016

GAT conquered the Chinese market of the service system provider with a strong partner - Shanghai Stride Car Care Product Co Ltd. The agreement is perfect. GAT and Stride in a network of a total of 4 companies with more than 500 service stations across China have agreed to a multi-year collaboration...





GAT Product movie

14. ene. 2016

Our brand new product movie is online. Check out the causes for contaminations in diffenent car systems like oil system, fuel system, cooling system and air condition. GAT has the solutions for many disorders in your car.

Watch the movie...





GAT to be perfect

27. nov. 2015

Two great days of training with special results lie behind us.






GAT a banner

04. nov. 2015

Our new banner are available.

see more details...





GAT Basic Training

25. sep. 2015

22. - 24. September 2015


GAT perfect presented

18. sep. 2015

Newly arrived... From now on the GAT Productdisplays are availlable.

see the details...




GAT perfect equiped

10. sep. 2015

The "GAT Performance Box" is the best equipment that you can get for your perfect product presentation.





GAT Engine Flush

09. sep. 2015

Have you seen our new product ENGINE FLUSH yet... Best results with easiest application.





GAT for LPG systems

09. sep. 2015

Have you seen our new product category? From now on we are also your first adress for LPG products.





ATF - Exclusive Distribution

10. jul. 2015

GAT Italia s.r.l. is the new official and exclusive distribution partner for the Launch Automatic Transmission Cleaning (ATF) in Italy. This means that we are listed as trading partner and promoted by Launch Italy. 





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07. jul. 2015

18. ago. 2014

. ene.

Our GAT Octane Booster has now been tested and approved by the TUV Thueringen for certified effectiveness.
As test criteria the increase of the research octane number (ROZ) in the fuel has been proven.